Bridging the Gap Between Teacher and Technology

Many teachers feel they are not utilizing technology effectively in the classroom. According to a recent University of Phoenix College of Education survey, two in five (43%) of teachers rated themselves average or below average in educational technology skills. While schools are equipped with laptops, netbooks, interactive white boards, tablets, LCD projectors and digital cameras, teachers say they still have more to learn about integrating technology in the classroom. Technology integration has become a substantial component to teacher preparation programs, but educators already in the field face obstacles such as a lack of district funding and not having time to learn about the tools available.

Kathy Cook, Dean of Educational Technology at the University of Phoenix College of Education, recommends having a starting point to bring technology into the classroom. EdGate's Curriculum Matrix product eases teachers into the world of instructional technology by giving access to more than 500,000 grade-specific vetted digital resources that have been aligned to educational standards by teachers for teachers. This tool can empower today's educators to self-start their digital and EdTech education by supplementing the work they are already doing in the classroom.

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Denise Maria
Account Manager