Pokémon Go: Educational or a Fad?

An article in Education Week debates the value of Pokemon Go, the mobile App game that has been sweeping the nation since it's release on July 6th, 2016. Some may argue that the benefits are huge because the game cannot be played by sitting on the couch or in front of a computer. The players must be outside (meeting health and PE standards?) searching their community for clues, much like scavenger hunts in the olden days (that is, before July 6th, 2016). Some educators may also find value in the game because it integrates social studies, local history, math, mapping, and literacy. Others say the privacy concerns outweigh the educational value. There are over 21 million mobile users daily (and counting) and many of them are students. Apps like Pokemon Go present a huge opportunity for educators. Whether you see the educational value in the game or not, it looks pretty fun, but be sure to watch out for the little Avatars as they cross the street.

By: Jodi Waugh
Project Manager