Nonacademic skills

Almost from the time standards were first brought into the educational world, educators have been trying to pinpoint the elusive skills that students need to become successful in working life, regardless of their chosen field. It has become a commonplace that success is not merely a matter of what students know, but how they apply it. But what are these skills, and where do they fit into the curriculum? Much work has been done to try to define the skills - we have seen the NCTM "process standards", the 21st Century Skills, the ISTE NETS-S, and others, as well as categorizations of a more academic and theoretical nature that have not been codified as standards. With the recent rise of Career and Technical Education (an area EdGate is currently working to provide standards for) to prominence, it is no surprise that the standards in this area are extensively concerned with "skills for success" as well as more tangible knowledge and procedures. We will keep you abreast of further developments.

For more information about the various categories of these skills, you can read this article.

By: Michael Walpole
Project Manager