The Next Generation Science Standards have been closely scrutinized virtually since their inception by scientists and others. The most public controversy has been, unsurprisingly, about the treatment of evolution in the NGSS. However, specialists in other areas are contributing their views as well. According to this article, a recent analysis of the coverage of genetics concepts in the NGSS and state science standards was done by education specialists at the American Society of Human Genetics. They determined that, on average, the NGSS were a slight improvement over individual state standards, but that several key concepts were not addressed - notably, understanding patterns of genetic inheritance. It was also noted that the reviewers involved in the study frequently disagreed about whether particular NGSS items addressed genetic concepts and how deeply they did so. The study's authors argue that similar variations in interpretation of the NGSS among educators and stakeholders may lead to inconsistencies in the level and quality of science education under the NGSS.

For more information, see the press release issued by the American Society of Human Genetics and the original study published in PLOS ONE.

By: Michael Walpole
Project Manager