New York's Opt-out Movement

With testing season in full swing the state of New York's education policy is once again in the news as the opt-out movement protests the current system of standardized testing for students in grades 3-8.   The exponential growth of the opt-out movement in the last few years has led to changes in the tests themselves, but consensus from the movement is that those changes are not nearly enough. More than 220,000 students opted out of the state tests last year and that number is expected to grow this year. Education officials have been trying to quell the dissidence by touting the efforts made to revamp the current tests. Governor Cuomo has promised more changes to come with the standards themselves, the assessments and the teacher evaluation system. The movement claims they will not be swayed and will continue to have their children opt-out until the promised changes are enacted. All eyes are on New York as the movement is expected to gain momentum in other states as well as they are debating the fate of their Common Core standards and assessments. Stay tuned as we will be watching to see what happens!

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By: Jennifer Larson
Social Studies Project Manager