EdGate's New and Improved API!

EdGate is excited to announce the launch of our new and improved API!

In an effort to further support the needs of our partners we have developed an API with more functionality and flexibility.

The EdGate Data Service is a REST based API platform that allows clients direct, secure access to the largest and most up to date repository of K-12 national and international educational standards in the world. Using the API gives clients and their developers complete control in creating tools to display standards and correlation data.

Access to the API is secure and protected via public/private key based authentication with features that include:

  • JSON format
  • Browse standards and view detailed metadata about each standard
  • Search standards
  • See relationships between standards from different sets and authorities
  • View correlated standards for a content item
  • View correlated items for a standard
  • Faceted search of all client content metadata housed by EdGate
  • View other related client content for a specific content item
  • Upload, edit, and delete content items individually or in batches
  • COMING SOON: Align your own content!

Standards and correlation data housed by EdGate is always up to date with the most recently adopted curriculum available in real-time as repository updates occur. If you would like to learn how you can provide your customers with this dynamic search tool to display "live", on-demand correlation data from your website, please contact us and one of our Account Executives will be happy to assist.

Tracy_OlstadHeather Hawthorne
Gina Faulk 
General Manager 
Tracy Olstad,
Senior Account Executive
Heather Hawthorne
Account Manager