Will "Micro Schools" Be the "Next Big Thing"?

A recent article in Education Week discussing the recent and growing popularity of "Micro Schools" piqued our interest. Harking back to the early days of mixed age small classrooms, these micro schools are an alternative for those who are dissatisfied with public schools, cannot afford the cost of tuition, or looking for something closer to homeschooling. While the idea may conjure up images of a classroom from our past - the education students receive is not reminiscent in the least. Incorporating a flipped classroom approach that utilizes blended learning, the students educational experience is highly personalized and allows for the integration of more than just the typical curriculum. Content providers that offer innovative online content are being utilized and results so far are positive. As people increasingly look for alternatives to public and private schooling, Micro Schools may really be the "Next Big Thing".

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By: Jennifer Larson
Social Studies Project Manager