Making a Difference

The wisdom of children is astounding. One of our favorite stories is about the child who sees hundreds of starfish stranded on the beach, and begins taking them one-by-one to the water to save them.  An adult walking the beach says to the child "You can't possibly make a difference...there are far too many starfish to save!"  The child curiously looks at the adult and responds "It will make a difference to this one", and throws it into the sea.  There are many iterations of this story, and the essence is dear to all of us in the educational arena - make a difference!

EdGate receives hundreds of textbooks to correlate each year.  For the most part, our publishing clients do not require that we ship these books back to them.  So we've been making a difference for kids by making these books available, not only within local organizations like schools, but worldwide too.  For years we have helped a small, local organization called Tusome Kenya, supply an upstart library in the village of Majiwa, Kenya, with books. 

If you are interested in donating to this very worthy cause, you can read more here:

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Account Executive 

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