April 2015 - Letter from our General Manager


My first month in the role of EdGate General Manager was spent racing to keep up with our clients as they reply to numerous state adoptions and RFPs. Additionally, EdGate has been responding to the influx of interest in Career and Technical Education (CTE) standards. It has been a pleasure to hear from our clients and learn just how much they value EdGate's superior team of correlators and project managers. I've worked with EdGate for several years as a customer and it's been delightful to learn that the team at EdGate is just as pleasant in real life as they are on the phone or through email.

Since we are knee-deep in CTE standards, our April newsletter covers our growing Career and Technical Education services (Client Solution). Additionally, you'll find information on preparing students for a globally interconnected world (Hot Topic), the controversy around new state assessments (Teaching Trends), EdGate's ability to provide third party confirmation of correlations (EdGate Services), and following up with new additions to the EdGate Standards Repository (Standards Update).

Please don't hesitate to contact us for information on new developments in the world of educational standards.

Kind Regards,

Gina Faulk
EdGate General Manager