Preparing Students for a Globally Interconnected World

A topic of recent interest has been "Are students in the U.S. prepared to succeed in a global society?" The answer is generally...not quite!

To encourage student's success in a globally diverse, interdependent and interconnected world we need to do more to foster an understanding of that diversity and what it means for the future. We need to think more globally...what population growth, economic and geopolitical changes will mean in the years to come and we need to better integrate global issues and understanding in the classroom.

An article in EdWeek asks if we should make global knowledge a graduation requirement or make languages be a regular part of the curriculum. Additionally, a Forbes article suggests teacher's get a Global Competence Certificate which enables them to more effectively help to produce globally competent students.

An interesting note in Asia Society goes further and notes how important it is for states to look to high performing countries and integrate the best of the best curriculum and teaching strategies to raise the bar. Should we as a society be doing any or all of these things? The answer is yes...of course we should be doing everything we can to encourage success for the next generation and their ability to effectively work in a global society. It is our responsibility to make sure students are prepared to succeed and thrive in a globally diverse and interdependent world. Some interesting reading on the topic can be found below and as a note, for publishers looking to find out if your content meets international standards we have a wide range of international standards within our repository so if you are interested, please feel free to contact your sales contact or project manager.

By: Jennifer Larson
Project Manager