College Readiness is not a High School Graduation Requirement

States have come to realize that high school graduates are not necessarily college ready and are taking steps to change that.  Although the Common Core initiative set out to make students better prepared for college, many college faculty note that they were not consulted about what skills are needed to make students college ready.  Taking the remedial courses in college sets students back both financially and time wise by adding to the expense of college and it taking longer for the student to complete his/her college graduation requirements.  Unfortunately, high schools are judged on how many students graduate and not on how many students are college ready.  However, Colorado, Tennessee, and other states are now providing remedial courses for high school students. Without the states intervening on the student's behalf, students are handed a high school diploma only to find out they have more work ahead of them in order to be college ready.

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By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager