EdReports: The Consumer Reports of K12 Educational Products

EdReports.org is an independent nonprofit organization that reviews ELA, math, and science instructional materials nationwide against their own rubrics for depth and rigor of content. Their goal is to provide educators with input they will need in order to select quality curriculum materials for their programs and students.

Their review rubrics for science content are based on the NGSS, and language arts and math content rubrics are based on the Common Core Standards. Reviewers apply rubric scale ratings to the various aspects of the content, resulting in a scored rating of how the content meets, or does not meet, certain criteria. The reports indicate how well the content as a whole would do if aligned to the above mentioned standards. Individual state standards are not part of their process that I could find.

I see these reports being a great starting point for educators in their content selection process, and also for publishers to use as a guide towards improving their products.

By: Larry Johnson
Project Manager