Hot Topic - What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is an approach to learning that involves multiple skills and disciplines. Although many find it hard to define it concisely, it involves academic, creative, problem solving, collaborative as well as other skills. Design thinking helps the student explore both creative and analytical aspects of a project. Furthermore, it gives students glimpses of real world application and potential career paths. The designed thinking approach challenges students to consider all aspects of the design process before embarking on the end result. As stated in the source article, "Learning happens throughout the process, from the early research phase to the final presentation. This allows students and teachers to focus on what's most important in learning: the process, rather than the product." This approach is well suited to help students combine all the individual aspects of learning into an amalgamation of experiences where the student researches, considers options, creates prototypes, gets input and finalizes a design.

Content and curriculum for design thinking fits well into the STEM and Career Technical realms. If your company has content that supports designed thinking our sales team can provide you more information on aligning this content to the STEM or Career Technical standards.

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By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager