Career Development Standards

An area of study that has recently garnered interest is in the realm of Career Development standards. Every state has CTE but some states also have career educational development standards in K-12 that focus on career preparation goals. States like Nebraska, Texas, Wyoming and New Jersey have outlined some of their objectives for career development to explain the importance for students to be prepared for their future. These 21st-century life and career ready practice skills help students to build an understanding of careers options and help them to explore and prepare for the skills they need to be adaptable, reflective and proactive in both their lives and careers. These skills help to stress the importance of having awareness about the students own interest and talents as well as being educated about postsecondary and career options, career planning and career requirements. Career development intends to help focus the student on the lifelong pursuit of answers to the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to do with my life? The goal is that college and career ready students will be armed with knowledge, skills, and abilities to allow them to succeed in their futures. If you have an interest in correlating your content to the available career development standards, please feel free to contact your account or project manager.

By: Jennifer Larson
Project Manager