EdGate’s Newest Addition to the Suite of Alignment Tools is ExACT AutoAlign

In addition to EdGate’s traditional alignment service and the DIY ExACT Alignment Tool, EdGate now offers ExACT AutoAlign.  ExACT AutoAlign offers the ability to do high volume alignments with short turnaround time for a competitive price. ExACT AutoAlign analyzes metadata associated with a resource and recommends concepts from the EdGate Concept Index. When concepts are associated with the resource, alignments can then be made between the resource and state or national standards following EdGate's patented process. Note that the alignments can be made to any set of standards currently in the EdGate repository. Metadata used in ExACT AutoAlign can include the item's title, description, and metadata from webpages, web presentations, transcripts, or any other textual information in any format.  The tool can also recommend relevant keywords to aid in discoverability of the resource.  ExACT AutoAlign is available with a subscription via API or the ExACT Alignment Tool.  If your company has large volumes of content that need to be aligned in a short period of time, please contact our Account Executives for more information.

By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager