The Gates Foundation "Lesson in Education"

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO, Sue Desmond-Hellmann, shares their work in education in an open letter titled "Lessons in U.S. Education". She targets the need for online, digital resource materials teachers can utilize and the struggles associated with 'system-wide' change.

Kentucky's success is used as an example of the positive impact when an educational community is engaged with embracing Common Core - teachers, parents, and school leaders working together towards the common goal of giving their children the best educational environment they can. Data shows a 6% increase for Kentucky's students meeting three out of four ACT benchmarks for college readiness since 2011. When one considers all that is involved initially with adopting new standards, and then supporting those standards with solid curriculum, a 6% measured rise in scores within the first 5 years is impressive! EdGate has much to offer in terms of digital resource materials, with a large database of classroom-ready content in more than just the 4-core subject areas, available online with the Curriculum Matrix, as well as the new CMX student version

EdGate's team of subject matter experts (former teachers) has spent years vetting and curating the finest quality resources and then aligning that content to Common Core and many other sets of state-specific standards. We know firsthand how laborious it can be to find high quality OER and other freely available resources. That's why we are so proud to share Curriculum Matrix and CMX--from one group of educators to another.

By: Larry Johnson
Science Project Manager