ESSA Update

An interesting article in Education Week took a look at what was happening around the country with the status of the implementation of ESSA now that a year has gone by since the new law was passed. Maria Voles Ferguson, the executive director of the Center on Education Policy at the George Washington University's Graduate School of Education and Human Development, pointed out that since states have been given the task of formulating their own plans on assessing student progress and learning, the actual implementation of ESSA may look entirely different from one state to the next. It will be a chance for states to be innovative in designing their own policy and the hope is that this challenge will bring about new ideas on assessing student success.  States are expected to roll out implementation this fall and although they have been given the autonomy to veer from standardized tests to gauge performance they must develop and implement a variety of measures for both student and school success. States and districts under ESSA must also create a comprehensive plan to tackle those who are not succeeding and what that looks like. It is both an exciting and difficult challenge for states and districts to take on.  One looming question states are facing is what effect the new administration will have on the roll out of ESSA but for now they are moving forward with crafting a new policy for the upcoming school year. It will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out - stay tuned! 

By: Jennifer Larson
Project Manager