Educator Confidence in Technology Increasing

The use of technology in the classroom has been an ongoing topic in education for years, but what do teachers think about implementing technology in the classroom? In the most recent survey commissioned by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH),  there are some truly positive signs. The survey found an increase in teacher confidence this year regarding the use of digital technology in their classrooms. Both the HMH and  Education Weeks 2017 Technology Counts  survey cited many of the same obstacles that have prevented technical integration reaching its full potential in the classroom. These include a lack of and inequities in funding, shortage of devices, not enough planning time for teachers and not nearly enough professional development time devoted to digital technology training. Some positive signs do point to an increase in confidence and willingness to expand technical use in the classroom. That combined with both an increased availability of technical devices and content for the classrooms with the expectations that students will be gaining technical skills should help improve these survey numbers in the coming years. For developers of educational content this offers both a challenge and opportunity to create imaginative and innovative content to spark student interest and success. As we review content we always enjoy seeing what our clients have to offer and what students will be learning from in the classrooms. 

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By: Jennifer Larson
Project Manager