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Study shows that Students using OER materials Performed Better than Students using Non-OER Materials

As more and more teachers gravitate toward using open educational resources (OER) for cost-saving reasons, a recent study published in the Educational Researcher indicates that students participating in OER classrooms performed better than students in non-OER classrooms. This study included over 4,000 high school students. Each OER student was matched with a student in a non-OER classroom who was similar in terms of demographics and previous academic achievement. Student performance was examined in three science areas: Biology, Chemistry, and Earth systems. Students in OER classrooms used open online textbooks (also available in printed format for $5 each) while students in non-OER classrooms used traditional fee-based print textbooks.

In all three subjects, students in the OER classroom performed better than the students in the non-OER classroom.  In fact, the students who used the OER textbooks scored higher on end of year state-standardized tests. 

Why did the students in the OER classrooms do better?  It was suggested that perhaps the OER materials may not necessarily be better than the traditional textbooks, however, it’s logical to believe that perhaps the educator-created structure of OER is more in tune with how teachers envision their lessons.

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Gina Faulk
Sales and Marketing Manager