Understanding today's Libraries and MARC Records

Did you know there are more public libraries in the United States than McDonald's? Since the 1960s, libraries across the United States have been using MARC as a way to keep records traditionally shown on a catalog card.  MARC stands for MA-chine Readable Cataloging record. A plethora of information is included in these records, the most basic being name, summary, subject, and call number. Publishers often provide MARC records to libraries, which aid in the search for eBooks and other digital material that helps librarians with their workload and decreases overall operating costs.

EdGate has been offering MARC services since early 2015, and can accurately and quickly review publications in order to produce records in MARC format. Our MARC records service can be added in conjunction with alignment services and adheres to the same high quality our staff experts are known for. Publishers simply supply bibliographic data and EdGate takes it from there!

Please contact us to learn more about how EdGate can help with MARC record services.

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