EdGate Services - 9 Major Ed Tech Trends for 2017

While the world of technology has brought some fun and amazing tools/products to the classroom, it is also a vacillating business which can be overwhelming and frustrating for IT Managers and educators alike.

According to a recent article on the "Top 9 Major Ed Tech Trends for 2017" which was published by THE Journal, "the thing everybody was trying one year is on the way out the next." This message was confirmed at the FETC conference in Orlando this past January where some voiced concerns over the ongoing challenge of finding what captivates educators and getting them trained and past the learning curve before starting the process all over again.

Unfortunately these types of challenges are not only discouraging, but can result in a negative impact on teaching as well as student growth.

Our mission at EdGate is to help students grow and succeed by making life easier for our teachers. We are confident about the impact we are making through our partners by providing our knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Following are some areas in which we are proud to contribute:

  • We staff a team of highly-trained and skilled subject experts who have over 200 years of teaching experience combined;
  • Each subject expert contains deep knowledge and understanding of standards and content;
  • We manage the largest and most robust standards repository in the industry (over 3 million standards);
  • We develop and utilize technology to keep up with current trends and demands;
  • We tailor our services to meet the need of each partner;

Visit THE Journal article for more information and what's happening in 2017.

To learn more about EdGate, our services, and partners, please visit our website at http://correlation.edgate.com/ . You can also contact us direct by calling (866) 405-3357 or by email and we will be happy to share more about our services and how we can save you money!

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