EdGate Services - Standards Licensing

Since 1997, EdGate has invested time and energy in building and maintaining its repository which now hosts more than five million standards from around the world. It is the largest and most robust in the industry, covering twelve subject areas including Arts Education, Career Technical Education, Early Childhood Education, English as a Second Language, Health and PE, Language Arts, Math, Media/Technology, Professional Development, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages.

Every year nearly 30% of the educational standards across the U.S. are revised, edited, or overhauled. Tracking these standards demands full-time attention and expertise which is why so many publishers rely on EdGate for support.

Below are just a few ways that we can help:

Standards Licensing. For our partners who simply need access to standards but struggle with the time and resources to manage them, we have a whole repository to choose from! We will ensure that the standards you receive from EdGate are current and easily accessible!

Standards Alignment. If you are a publisher that needs help with aligning your content to ALL standards and maintaining those alignments so they stay current with state changes, we got you covered! Our subject experts are on standby to review and align your unique content to the most current standards available and ensure they stay current when states implement changes.

DIY Alignment Tool. EdGate standards and taxonomy are the strength behind this DIY alignment tool! ExACT was developed to help publishers quickly and easily create an accurate and global alignment to ALL standards in one fell swoop. If you have the team but not the means to efficiently align to multiple standards at one time, this is a perfect solution!

The struggle is real. Let us be your partner!

For more information on these or other EdGate services, please contact us at (866) 405-3357 or  contact us and we will be happy to share more about our services and how we can save you money!


Gina Faulk 
General Manager 

Tracy Olstad
Senior Account Executive