Beyond Alignments: Five ways EdGate supports our Publishing Client’s Success

Are you a publisher in need of a not-so-standard (no pun intended) service to meet a specific goal or marketing opportunity? If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, we can help!

Lesson Writing: Do you have requests from educators, who use and love your material, for corresponding lessons? Do you have an amazing product, such as a robotic kit, STEM activity or Virtual Reality program that customers may not have the expertise to build lesson plans around? We have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in various educational fields who have the creativity, passion and expertise to build a complete, thorough and impressive lesson personalized for your product and company.

Learning Progression (Scope and Sequence): Do you have exceptional material but are concerned that you may be missing some concepts? Are you searching for a way to place a variety of lessons or content in a logical sequence? Learning Progressions are a way to think about the order of how students achieve mastery of a skill set. When EdGate provides a learning progression service we are able to order your content in such a way that your company will be able to view possible gaps in standards and see a more complete story about what your content actually says to a potential customer.

Keyword Generation: Do you have a large amount of online or print content or a vast amount of videos that need alignment? Are you on a time-crunch and a budget for a big project and already have metadata in place? The automated Keyword Creation service analyzes textual metadata associated with a resource and returns search terms or keywords that are useful in locating that resource. The keywords can also be used for use in aligning content to standards in a fraction of the time it would take to perform a traditional correlation process.

Third Party Review: Are you trying to get your content adopted by a State Department of Education? Are you placing a bid and need an impartial third-party review conducted?  Before being adopted into a state’s DOE (and yearly budget) many states require educational content publishers to submit proof that their content will meet the learning standards. EdGate is already an approved review provider for Virginia and Missouri and other states across the country are beginning to follow suit with these expectations. Having an accurate, trusted third-party review can improve your company’s chances of winning the bid.

Video Segmenting, Keywording and Alignment: Do you want to ensure your end-users are easily discovering your educational videos for use in their classroom? Are you a publisher with videos that have excellent content but are not sure how it aligns to state or international standards?  The use of video content in the classroom is on a rapid trajectory.  EdGate is proficient in tagging, digital chaptering and aligning video content. . EdGate creates crucial keywords so that even if a teacher does not search by a specific learning concept their search will still lead them to the most relevant and applicable video.

By: Lindsey Dumovich
Account Manager