A New Vision: Connected Technology

Developers are taking on the task of merging the age old philosophy of Maria Montessori with technology. Montessori Method stresses that students learn best through use of their senses and practical play by passing between concrete and abstract ideas in a comprehensive learning environment. In today's classrooms, technology has become a point of instruction that researchers believe is causing learning gaps due to the isolated use of auditory and visual senses. New ideas merged with old philosophy are driving developers to produce products that merge both the technological platform with tangible objects to achieve greater learning.

New "connected technology" is bridging the gap between technology and students learning using manipulatives in their environment. The benefit to educators and students is that the technological component offers immediate and personalized feedback to the student in an environment promoting learning and enhancement. Researchers are finding that this new approach is leading to higher engagement, enjoyment and collaboration among students that are driven by the chance to engage with technology. Educators now have more opportunities to incorporate technology with tangible learning and a new way to look at using and evaluating the technology they choose for their classroom. For more information, links to research and examples of products visit this related article.

By: Jody Waugh
Project Manager