OER: new requirements on Ed funded resources

The U.S. Department of Education's  new open licensing rule has gone into effect.  Beginning in FY 2018, education resources created with Department of Education discretionary competitive grants ($4.2 billion in FY 2016) must be openly licensed and shared with the public.  Creative Commons (CC) congratulates the U.S. Department of Education for ensuring the public has access to the education resources it funds.

EdGate has been housing and aligning vetted web based educational resources to standards for almost 20 years in its Curriculum Matrix®. With over 500,000 grade specific resources aligned to US state, national and international standards in our repository, the repository is great for teachers, home school parents and publishers needing to fill gaps in their curriculum.  These  educational resources include a mixture of free and OER course materials, lessons, streaming videos, interactive games, assessments, quizzes and more.  It can be a powerful tool for educators that are looking for supplemental and diverse material to enhance their curriculum.

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By: Jodi Waugh 
Project Manager