Using OER to fill your Gaps

Years ago EdGate created the Curriculum Matrix in response to an urgent need by teachers to access a repository complete with high-quality, vetted, open educational resources that were aligned to standards. Year after year EdGate has built upon this repository and it now houses hundreds of thousands of grade-specific OER from a multitude of renowned publishers, all aligned to countless numbers of educational standards, including supplemental and international standards.

But these resources are not just open to teachers.

Increasingly, publishers are finding that superior OER can be used as a way to fill gaps in their own curriculum. For instance, a publisher might have an outstanding science program, but the curriculum doesn't quite meet every NGSS standard. It's understood that the district is going to require that the submitted content aligns with each and every NGSS standard. Or perhaps you are looking to diversify and supplement the type of content you have by adding OER videos or OER interactives. There are countless reasons and ways in which to fill your gaps with OER.

Would you like a demo of the Curriculum Matrix? Contact your EdGate sales representative for more information about EdGate's library of OERs.