CTE and the Makers Movement

The impact of the makers movement in Career and Technical Education (CTE) is unmistakable. Both education methods share a similar goal to prepare students for the global workforce through experience. The makers movement enhances the CTE experience by allowing students to dream, build, create and make in the context of real word industry. For many students, the physicality of making something provides the space to understand how they can impact the world around them. This process helps students form identity, reveal genuine interest, and visualize what they could do and become. 

CTE is the new frontier in education and the makers movement is a natural fit. As schools and publishers make progress in this field, standards alignment becomes increasingly important. At EdGate, we assist in making the connection between innovative pedagogy and educational guidelines, by aligning new career-based courseware to CTE standards. We assist in opening the pathway for meaningful curriculum to reach students in the classroom.

For more information about EdGate's alignment service and work surrounding CTE standards: http://correlation.edgate.com/cte 

By: Denise Maria 
Account Executive