Channel Partner Agreements

What are they? Would your company benefit from having one or more of them?

The short answer is that a Channel Partner Agreement (CPA) is a fee based service that allows EdGate to share your correlation information with a client or partner. With a CPA in place, EdGate can provide a direct feed via API, bulk download, or correlation report services of your correlations to a third party.  It is important to note that the CPA cannot be executed without explicit permission from the owner of the correlations.  Also there are limitations to CPAs, as the third party may only use the correlation information within their portal/platform and under the terms your company specifies.  There can be multiple CPAs in place for client correlations for sharing the data with as many third parties as needed.  If your company would benefit from having CPAs please contact our Account Executives for more information.

By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager