College and Career Readiness (CCR) standards

College and Career Readiness (CCR) standards - sometimes known as College- and Career-Ready standards - are in the news lately because they have been specifically namechecked in the Every Student Succeeds Act. But what are they? As it turns out, they are an outgrowth from Common Core. The Common Core standards included, in the Language Arts section, a set of "anchor standards" that would define the English language skills that students should have to be ready for college and the workplace. The ESSA expands on this by asking states to adopt more rigorous language and mathematics standards, noting that four out of every ten college freshmen need to take remedial math or English courses. EdGate offers the Common Core CCR standards, as well as CCR standards adopted by Texas and for the ACT, and we will continue to bring new sets into our system as they are adopted by the various states; keep following this newsletter for more details!

By: Michael Walpole
Mathematics Project Manager