Blending Technology and Instruction

Will integrating technology-based instruction into lessons help students learn and perform better in today's world? Districts and individual schools across the US are banking on this 'blended learning' approach to improve both teaching and learning.

As the move from print to digital continues, schools are adapting the best they can with technology and student instruction. One of the main tenants is to give students greater ownership over their learning through technology. One showcase is the Intrinsic Schools in Chicago, where "students spend roughly 50 percent of their time working on Chromebooks, using programs designed by providers such as Khan Academy, Thinkcerca, and NoRedInk. Some instruction is teacher-led, while other lessons are collaborative or based on small-group discussions." Other schools, like San Diego's e3 Civic High School and Washington State's Horace Mann Elementary School, are also working towards a similar approach.

Ultimately, how students meet their educational standards will likely remain as the final evaluation. As teaching methodologies adapt and evolve, and technologies become more diverse and interactive, publishers will be doing their best to create content that meets the needs of students and schools 'today'. ...and EdGate will continue to be there for them, correlating to standards, webpage interfaces, and anything else they may need!

By: Larry Johnson
Client Relationship Manager