Arts Education and Arts Standards

According to Marinell Rousmaniere, senior vice president for strategic initiatives at EdVestors, Boston has been highly successful in bringing arts education back into the public schools. Research showing a strong connection between early arts education and success in both college and future careers motivated the city to partner with both public and private organizations to increase student access to the arts.

In the past six years Boston Public Schools, backed by educational grants and financial support from its partners, has provided annual arts education to 14,000 students from Pre-K through eighth grade. Arts instruction in the high school has increased from 26 to 60 percent. A recent survey by EdVestors clearly shows that arts education has led to "greater student and parent engagement and a richer school climate."

The success of the arts program in the Boston School System will provide the city with future citizens whose creative abilities will enable them to maintain the cultural heritage of the city. The results of a recent survey indicated that parents believe there is a strong correlation between arts education and their students' success in academic subjects. The Arts Expansion Initiative, recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts, has been so successful it has prompted other cities to introduce similar programs.

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By: Jodi Waugh
Language Arts Project Manager