October 2019 Newsletter

This Month’s Top Standards News and Trends

We know Standards

Why do content providers need to align their content to standards? There are a variety of reasons why: the district or state requires it; teachers need to know how to incorporate lessons into their classroom; end users need to filter by standard. A key reason for publishers: they are looking to open new markets for their content. For publishers with large volumes of content, an automated means of correlating content to learning outcomes is a necessity due to time and cost constraints. ExACT AutoAlign solves this need for publishers and learning platforms. Read on to learn more about EdGate’s newest release: the ExACT AutoAlign tool.

The Team at EdGate


EdGate Services

Publishers with thousands or in some cases, millions, of educational resources, need an alignment solution that is cost-effective, provides immediate results and can handle high volumes of metadata. This is the primary reason that EdGate created the ExACT AutoAlign tool, a natural extension of our popular ExACT alignment tool. 

ExACT AutoAlign automatically aligns educational resources to standards. ExACT AutoAlign relies on EdGate’s patented technology to attach educational concepts to content and thus make the alignment to learning outcomes. The correlation of content to standards is a crucial element to educational publisher’s success in the curriculum adoption process, as well as teacher implementation of resources in the classroom.

Using ExACT AutoAlign correlations are completed in a fraction of the time that a traditional correlation process takes, mapping to millions of machine readable standards in the EdGate database.  The technology relies on machine learning and provides the most relevant AI-based suggestions in relation to the resource metadata. For over twenty years EdGate’s subject matter experts (SMEs) have used a patented correlation process to align millions of publisher resources to educational standards. As the content is tagged to concepts and standards, the EdGate system has become more and more familiar with the relationship between metadata and corresponding educational concepts, making ExACT AutoAlign increasingly accurate.

In addition to the alignment of content to state, national, supplemental and international education standards, ExACT AutoAlign provides alignments to the IMS Global Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange identifiers (CASE). EdGate’s toolset also offers analysis of metadata associated with a resource, subsequently providing relevant keywords to aid in discoverability of the resource.

ExACT AutoAlign is accessible via API access or through EdGate’s ExACT base Correlation Tool, a subscription service.

By: Gina Faulk
General Manager


State Highlight

Education standards remain at the center of controversy in Florida, after Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order in January 2019 to eliminate Common Core, and gave the state’s education department a year to present him with an alternative.  

The Florida Department of Education, which recently released the second draft of its revised standards to the public,  sponsored a “Listening Tour” in October, where Floridians in nine different counties had the opportunity to voice their thoughts to state leaders about the proposed changes. 

One such event in Seminole County suggested that, while DeSantis does have some supporters (such as the Florida Citizens Alliance group), the majority of the state’s educators find Common Core to be beneficial. These educators expressed concern that changes outlined in the replacement drafts are unnecessary, too vague, and a “step backward.” They also feel that implementing such changes will be time-consuming and costly. 

The Florida Department of Education has until January 1, 2020 to provide a final set of revised standards to DeSantis. Whatever the final outcome, EdGate will pay close attention; and, in keeping with our mission, we’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date.

By: Tamara Haskett
Standards Data Specialist


Hot Topic

EdReports.org is an independent nonprofit organization that reviews ELA, math, and science instructional materials nationwide against their own rubrics for depth and rigor of content. Their goal is to provide educators with input they will need in order to select quality curriculum materials for their programs and students.

Their review rubrics for science content are based on the NGSS, and language arts and math content rubrics are based on the Common Core Standards. Reviewers apply rubric scale ratings to the various aspects of the content, resulting in a scored rating of how the content meets, or does not meet, certain criteria. The reports indicate how well the content as a whole would do if aligned to the above mentioned standards. Individual state standards are not part of their process that I could find.

I see these reports being a great starting point for educators in their content selection process, and also for publishers to use as a guide towards improving their products.

By: Larry Johnson
Project Manager


Curriculum Grants and Funding

In this new section of the EdGate Observer we point our clients to news about districts, states, etc. that may have available funding for curriculum.

This month we highlight two awards:


Standard Updates

Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:

  • Alaska World Languages (REV 2016) Grades K-12Alaska Social Studies (REV 2016) Grades K-12
  • Alaska Health and PE (REV 2016) Grades K-12
  • AP Environmental Science Course Description (2019) (Licensing Only) Science (AD 2019) Grades 9-12
  • AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism Course Description (2019) (Licensing Only) Science (AD 2019) Grades 9-12
  • AP Physics C Mechanics Course Description (2019) (Licensing Only) Science (AD 2019) Grades 9-12
  • Arizona Mathematics (REV 2018) Grades K-12
  • Louisiana Language Arts (AD 2019) Grades K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9-10,11-12
  • Maryland Social Studies (AD 2018) Grades PK,K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9-12
  • New South Wales Standards Mathematics (AD 2017) Grades 11-12
  • Virginia Financial Literacy (AD 2009) Grades 9-12

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