Do you know what a UUID or GUID is?

UUIDs and GUIDs are technical terms generally used by people working in the technical or IT departments of organizations. The GUID designation is an industry standard defined by Microsoft to provide a reference number which is unique in any context. UUID is a term that stands for Universal Unique Identifier. Similarly, GUID stands for Globally Unique Identifier. So basically, two terms for the same thing. They can be used, just like a product number, as a unique reference for an academic standard or content title. You might wonder if UUIDs or GUIDs are issued by state departments of education for academic standards. They are not. Standards, when imported, become part of a company's service or product, so no two companies would have the same UUID or GUID for the same standard. Unless you are importing or exporting data in a database, you will probably never have a need to use UUIDs or GUIDs. Rest assured that EdGate easily imports data with GUIDs from other companies.

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