About Us


Celebrating 20 years

In 2017 we celebrate an important milestone for our business: our 20 year anniversary.  Founded in 1997 by a group of educators, school administrators and parents in the greater Seattle, Washington area, our innovative team recognized the power of the internet as a teaching tool and developed a simple, practical way to harness its vast resources. The idea was to create a customized website to house, organize, and centralize resources aligned to state standards. The objective was to build a flexible information system that addressed the specific needs of local districts. As the pilot program progressed, interested education leaders from around the country traveled to Washington to view this working model of content and technology and how it effectively integrated into the educational experience. EdGate, short for Educational Gateway, began marketing a standards alignment product and publishers were thrilled with how quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively EdGate did the correlations, and news of this successful project brought inquiries from a long line of publishers.

In addition to our strong technology, EdGate would not be the success it is today without our talented team of former educators who have made understanding educational standards part of their life, in the classroom and now at EdGate.  Our highly skilled team is dedicated to the success of our ever-growing client list.

Today, EdGate Correlation Services’ core commitment is to deliver the most comprehensive services and products to content providers. The innovative thinkers who started this company along with the expanded EdGate team, provide high quality customer-centric solutions that serve over 250 clients.

EdGate Correlation Services LLC is a division of EDmin, a learning management and instructional technology solutions company based in San Diego California. EDmin products include INFORM, SCHOOLNOMICS, and TOTAL READER. See Other Solutions for more information about these products or visit http://www.edmin.com/



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